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Saga Briggs is a writer and lifestyle strategist from Portland, Oregon. After leaving Portland in 2013, she gradually turned what began as a year-long world tour into an open-ended way of life, working remotely while house sitting for families across the globe. As of 2018, Saga has completed nearly 40 house sits in 17 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, England, Scotland, Canada, the US, and Japan. Along the way, she’s supported herself through editorial work with Dancing Moon Press and Night Owls Press, Tin House Books and Tin House Magazine, Open Colleges, Boundless Learning, Newsweek, and The Globe Post. Thanks to this lifestyle, she has become much more aware of the way physical space is granted or denied to people of different social origins and genders. Through DOORWAYS, Saga hopes to 1) promote house sitting as one potential solution to the affordable housing shortage  and 2) empower more women to take up space in the world with their bodies and voices, whether by traveling solo, becoming location-independent in their work, or changing habits in their daily lives. She is currently based in Berlin.