British Virgin Islands: September 2-October 3

The property

4 easy dogs in Tortola



Long Term

"I am looking for dog lovers who would enjoy staying in the British Virgin Islands occasionally. I would really prefer two people for various reasons, all of which I can discuss if you are interested and we end up corresponding/talking on skype etc. I have four dogs they stay at home, inside and in the fenced garden. I am looking at about 4 weeks from around 5th Sept. I will be here with you for the first two days. Two of my adult sons live on the island. I have four dogs, all rescues, who have very individual personalities. All I am asking for is that they are safe and healthy on my return. They don't need to be walked and are used to being left alone for about 5 hours in the daytime. We have had three different house sitters for them, all of whom will be happy to give references and say that they aren't really much trouble at all, once they greet you, they lie down for the rest of the day and only really get up again for meals and to perhaps move into a different area of the house. We live in a nice house with a small pool that is walking distance to supermarket, deli, hotels, restaurants and bars. There is a Sports Club with bar and restaurant about 100 yards from the house. Despite all of the above, the house feels like it's in the countryside as it's in a side road to the shops etc and is completely surrounded by large trees. We are ten minutes drive or less to beautiful white sandy beaches. I like to travel quite a bit, mostly to sporting events, for up to three weeks at a time, often at fairly short notice. I am keen to build up relationships with people who would like to do repeat dog sits."


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