São Miguel do Rio, Portugal: August 2020

The property

1-4 years in Portugal, no pets.


No Pets

Long Term

"Someone who is responsible and will take care of the house and yard. It is quite simple since there is very little furniture or animals. They would also need to pay the water and electric bill since they will be living there. We are looking for someone long term...at least one year but most likely longer. We are planning on retiring here but can't actually do that for some time. So it will be at least one year but maybe four. Just keep the house and yard clean and don't allow other people staying there other than family. Be kind and considerate to the neighbors in the area who are very nice. This house is very unique with an organic feel since it's all stone and wood with a lot of outdoor space. It's in a lovely, quiet setting with a lot of trees, nature and nice views from the veranda. There are hills and hiking trails behind it and also a river and swimming holes very close by. It does need to be heated with wood but the system will heat the entire house in the winter as it runs throughout the house. It is only 25-30 minutes from Coimbra by car and about 10 minutes from the closest bigger town. It is truly a beautiful location. That it is at least one year and we just want it lived in and taken care of...as well as pay their own bills which are not very expensive. That would be electric, water and internet...roughly 100 Euro a month for all of it and maybe less depending on how much you use. It will most likely be less that that."


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