Sit Year Program

The Sit Year Program is designed for individuals, couples, or families interested in living rent-free for one year or longer in their city or abroad. DOORWAYS will work with participants to apply for and land house sits in their chosen destination(s) through platforms such as TrustedHouseSitters, MindMyHouse, and Housecarers. We’ll walk you though every step of the process, from creating a profile to communicating with home owners to landing and successfully completing your sits.

Women In Power Program

DOORWAYS aims to physically empower women through greater lifestyle mobility. What do we mean by physical empowerment? Let’s take a look at how women are physically disempowered on a daily basis:

  • Systemically educated to fear solo travel and seek protection from others
  • Denied lifestyle mobility by the social and cultural norms associated with one’s gender
  • Forced into physically exploitative working conditions as a result of limited economic opportunity
  • Stuck in one location due to work or the rising cost of rent in a more desirable location

DOORWAYS is like a pause button, providing women with the chance to transcend their current situation and pursue greater freedom in work and life. We offer mentorship services for the planning, traveling, house sitting, and professional aspects of their journey.

Planning a Holiday?

In addition to special programs, DOORWAYS pairs holidaymakers and travelers with house sits for any length of time, in any destination around the globe. If you’re interested in house sitting during your next adventure abroad, please get in touch: